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The building of taxonomies and thesauri is closely related to attraction of like and synomic/semantic shadings. Building information structures to be used by a content management system the IA would work on not only levels of attraction to information particles, but also ensuring the information is chunked and labeled with metadata for the various conduits of information transfer. As the اینترنت grows beyond the Web in the minds of the general public attraction can be used to provide a framework to discuss and provide actionable development for P2P, information agents, personalization, mobile information access and use, etc. Information devices serve as our conduits of this attraction to digital information. The interface has the wrong visual attraction to provide an attraction in context. The user could set their personalization attractors to provide an interface to the content that is pleasing to them. A user that is seeking an academic paper on molecular biology would most likely not spend a great amount of time at Praystation if their set attraction is academic research papers. The setting of information attraction to follow is not a concept that easily works in the frameworks of scent or navigation. A content management system is a great conduit for setting attraction for the users purposes. The P2P community uses metadata as their wrapping the content the community is built around. A P2P community can be estbeablished around a community that has the same interests, کلیک with this attraction to the community drawing them together. The user could set the desired symbology used or synomic frame of reference (an academic would use a different set of terms for categories to the same or similar information grouping than would a junior high school student or general public (an interior designer specializing in chromatics may set personalization to attract information relating to sub-cognitive reactions to hue, where as an office manager may set attractions to retrieve color and feelings for reception areas. Mobile users face the same constraints and IAs can take on the responsibility of providing the framework for the levels of attractions that will facilitate this mobile attraction of information. If we use a large magnet to attract and carry a collection of nails around with us, there is a limit to the number of nails that will have the ability to be drawn to the magnet enough to be lifted and securely transported.